Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Najera
about me
I am a photographer, graphic designer and video artist currently residing in the Princeton, New Jersey area. Along with my wife Lola and our dog Trufa we moved to the area around two years ago. Our first baby, Benjamin, was born on November 25 (Thanksgiving night!) and our newest angel, Juliana, was born in July of 2006.

All my fine art photography is done primarily as a means to express myself. From images that encompass large landscapes to pictures of the very small, I am constantly looking for a unique combination of light, perspective and tension in my work.

I believe that most people have an artistic inclination, but that many never discover it because they are afraid that they will not have any talent. It has been my experience that talent can be learned, and this is especially true in photography. I know a few very good photographers, but I don't know any that started out already being good.

I think that the trick is to be open-minded and willing to learn from your mistakes. Take a lot of pictures, look at them and be very self-critical, and above all, enjoy every one of them.